Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Daddy Orked ajar Auntie2 ambil gambar

Semalam daddy Orked buat pelancaran Akademi daddy. Orked tak ikut pasal daddy letak nama akademi tu Saiful Nang Akademy of Photography, tapi kalau daddy letak nama ORKED Academy of Photography mungkin orked kena pergi tengok lah. Apapun Orked nak ucapkan tahniah kat daddy Orked. Dah 7-8 bulan daddy balik rumah terus buka laptop buat kerja. Daddy buat content semua akademi tu sorang-sorang jer. Kesian daddy. Dah lepas semua tu daddy buat, daddy lagi tak tidur pasal nak pastikan portal akademi daddy tu berfungsi.

Semalam daddy dapat tidur nyenyak sikit. Pasal 5 minit sahaja lepas daddy announce kat facebook. 2 workshops daddy penuh. 1 workshop kat Sabah, 1 lagi nak tau workshop apa??


Daddy cakap, orang taknak ajar auntie2 ambil gambar, jadi daddy nak ajar dengan cara yang paling senang sekali. Sebab tu keluar 5 minit jer dah penuh. Macam goreng pisang betul. Hari ni daddy Orked buat lagi 1 session untuk Photomama, tapi kali ni jatuh masa bulan puasa pulak. Nak buat macammana, bulan yang tak puasa daddy Orked sibuk orang kahwin pulak.

Mummy semua boleh beli ticket ONLINE jer kat link bawah ni atau pergi ke www.snap.com.my

Cepat auntie-auntie semua, ni macam goreng pisang jugak nanti. Orked nak pergi jugak workshop daddy ni. Orked nak jadi model. Lagi satu kali ni Orked tolong promote sekali pasal gambar Orked pun ada kat dalam ni. Bestnyaa....

Cepat ye auntie2 semua. Lepas ni boleh letak gambar anak-anak auntie semua best-best kat dalam blog ke facebook ke. Bestttt....

Ok lah...ini detail nya ye...


Instructor : Saiful Nang, MPA(UK) <------ DADDY ORKED NI.

Date :

25 July 2010 (PENUH)

4 Sept 2010 (Masih ada kekosongan)

Venue : SNAP gallery, Puchong (no.62-5 Jalan OP 1/5, One Puchong (next to Binary University).

Objective : To give the essential knowledge for mothers who love taking pictures of their children, family or even their travel photos.

Brief :

How to be the greatest photographer mom in capturing their own baby or other’s baby pictures for side income or as a hobby. This workshop is specifically designed for mothers and future mothers (however, dads can join this too) but the subject for this workshop will be definitely be CHILDREN. Learn the art in capturing infant, toddler and even family portrait. If you are still shooting using auto or “P” mode with your dSLR, you should give a go for this workshop. It will give you so much fun in learning from the basic in handling camera to shooting just like a Pro

Duration : 1 day

Pre-requisite : No

Subjects to cover :

  1. Basic Photography in a Glance
  2. Camera Handling
  3. Fundamental of The Art of Seeing
  4. Light Sense
  5. Creative Arrangement
  6. Basic Speedlight Control
  7. Practical Session

Size of class : 20 pax maximum per session

Fees : RM550 (Promo RM350)

Gifts :

  1. T-Shirt
  2. Lunch
  3. Certificate of Attendance

Learning method : Coaching


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